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Мария Павленко разложила Киев на элементарные частицы
Выставкой "Форм(ат)ы города" художницы Марии Павленко в галерее "ПiдWall" открылся проект "урбаноскоп"... more
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Project's idea
urban foto The "urbanoscope" art project unites the "fresh blood" of the Ukrainian art, "PidWALL"'s territory and the internet space.
The idea of the project is to use the city space as the raw material and the basis for the art experiments. Urbanoscope is a real architectural instrument, which helps to see the difficult to access parts of the building or its model. In our project urbanoscope becomes the metaphor, the "instruments", which helps to "enlighten" and show different dimensions of the city, not seen in our everyday life. "urbanoscope" makes the real virtual and vice versa, it mixes the creation of art and its recording; the "urbanoscope" blog helps to create the polilogue of the audience and the project participants.
The participants will present their own visions of the modern city and its changes, combining art, sound, video, photo and the communication technologies. to the top

"Form(at)s of the City"
2008, November 28th - December 6th
"urbanoscope" turns on with the Marija Pavlenko's project "Form(at)s of the City". It is an attempt to catch modern reality and save it not in the separate wreckages of kaleidoscopic pictures or flashbacks, but in a laconic and "economical" zip-format. Archivation lies in the removal of redundant information from the "input data" of modern metropolis which is "branded" by advertisements, expanded by buildings and occupied by millions of people every day. Marija creates her own "code" of the architectural forms and "squeezes" the visual appearance of the city to its "elementary parts", simple interchangeable forms, which are, however, the basis and the essence of any urban space. Thus, a spectator can "decompress an archive" and gradually reproduce one's own crystallized form of the city in one's imagination. Marija Pavlenko's project combines the painting exhibition with the videopresentation of the international internet-blog "Rhythms of the City Graphic Arts". The blog's participants record in the snapshots the geometrical rhythms of the industrial environment, collision of urbanization and the publicity artefacts, single out a graphic language, which reveals the value of urban aesthetics. The main aim of the blog is not to collect "photo masterpieces", but to create the archive of "casual" impressions; the goal is to deliver the aura and the pulse of the city, to save "here-and-now" of the modern reality. The blog format creates the delocalization of the project: it is a memory without a permanent location, which goes beyond the borders of the separate country and can potentially cover the whole world. Within the framework of "Form(at)s of the City" project the blog is being "dearchivated" from the blog form to the videopresentation form. Thus, the blog is transformed from the virtual refuge of the internet-surfers to the real artistic event. to the top

Urban Sound Lab
2008, November 29th
Urban Sound Lab - Urban Sound Lab is the music and visual lab of the "urbanoscope". The modern city is the complex system of interconnections. Electronic music, the descendant of the newest technologies, is the sound and digital "voice" of the city. Musicians invited to participate in a project use their own "field records" and rhythmic patterns in combination with the modern technologies of the sound processing.
Participants: "Enthusiasts" (Jevgenij Nevinnyj, Viktor Svobodnyj, ambient); Viktor Pushkar; Demolyne) (ambient); v4w.enko (glitch); "airfield" (idm), vj-team "True Pixel". to the top

"The Borders"
2008, December 6th
Short films of Andrij Lytvynenko.
Andrij Lytvynenko is a young Kyiv film director, the member of the "TOTEM" Cherson art group. His documentaries show the life of different townspeople, who are on the other side of the border - the border of consciousness, society or everyday life.

"The Art. The City. The Web."
December 6th, 7 PM - the discussion of the project. to the top

"The Enthusiasts"
"Enthusiasm lies in the base of the progress. If it exists, there exist some achievements. If there's no enthusiasm, there is only the alibi".
Henry Ford
History of the project
October 2004. Two young people Genya Nevinnyj and Vitia Svobodnyj meet each other in Oleksandr Vasiljev-Ritsland's house. Spring of 2005 accidentally brings Jevhenij to Viktor's garden, and starts their friendship and cooperation. With the great enthusiasm friends start to experiment with the sound and consciousnes in Viktor's home studio "No Compromise Records", and as a result record 3 albums. Viktor and Jevgenij organize parties and record the city sounds. December 2007. The project went out because of Viktor's marriage. to the top


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